Grand-Casino.Coca.Bz Event "FIFA World Cup" in June 2018

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Grand-Casino.Coca.Bz Event "FIFA World Cup" in June 2018

Postprzez GrandTournament So, 23 czerwca 2018, 14:08

Hellowith !
Winter has occur and Now we have organized gifts for you personally:

four 300$ - prize fund! 800$ - 1st place!
Event on level of details(?)
Online games: Roulette and Dwell Vendor
Participating in Match: wager from 0.01$

This is whatever they say about us and a few critiques:
<a href=>the grand casino</a>
Event on bets amount
Game titles: Slot and Keno
Participating in tournament: bet from 0.01$

Conditions and regulations of Event:
- The participant receives routinely into table, creating any guess in Match online games.
- A table reveals: position within the tournament, login of each participant and amount of factors.
- If two or even more individuals provide the identical volume of points, the higher position can take who received them initial.
- 1 place is deducted in Each and every guess from player's overall points despite consequence.
- The column «Prize» has two formats : the 1st for all players, the next for VIP players.
- bon - Prize is accrued in bonuses but with wager coefficient х35 (for Vip player is - х30).

Best regards,
Grand Casino #one casino with Charge of honesty | pleased promotions and free bonuses
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